• The Rivalry of two Gentlemen who are worth half a trillion dollars

    By Ahshaf Nisthar

    Space Expeditions and Space Colonization have always won a special place in the heart of everyone towards the end of the previous century. Currently, the Rivalry of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos through SpaceX and BlueOrigin has touched incredible heights and is moving towards unimaginable heights.

  • Image Smoothing Algorithms

    By Heshan Kavinda

    Digital images contain various noises due to heat, electricity, and the amount of senso illumination level that can reduce the quality of images. But there are several simple to advance approaches to reduce these types of noises and enhance the quality of images. Some of them are Mode filter, Mean...

  • Why regression testing is important?

    By Nishadi Lakshika

    In a software project, QA team needs to perform regression test in many situations. Its very important to identify when to perform regression test and how we do it. I hope this blog post will helps you to understand bit more about regression testing.

  • Will the iPhone survive until the end of this decade?

    By Nenuka Fernando

    The almighty line of smartphones is rumored to come to an end within this decade. Will Apple take such a hasty decision to get rid of the most favourite Apple product from us? There are now more questions than answers. Do you believe Apple will replace the iPhone with an...

  • Let’s Meal Prep

    By Sanduni Perera

    Are you a person of spending a busy life schedule or are you fed up with figuring out what to cook daily? Solution is meal prep. Meal Prep is a concept of preparing meal or recipe and keep it stocked for later use. By meal prep you can save your...

  • 7 Tips to identify defects effectively

    By Thilanka Weerasinghe

    Worst nightmare of QA engineers is finding defects in a live environment. Therefore it is necessary that you release bug/defect free application to live environment. Though it is not easy to find all the bugs in an application as QAs we should find all the bugs possible. In this article...

  • The Antibiotic Resistance Crisis

    By Dinooli Uduwarage

    Can you imagine what would happen when the antibiotics efficiently proven as treatment for most common diseases over years, now become no longer effective? We call that as the crisis of antibiotic resistance, which has geared up in recent times in faster rate, alarmin the world on dangerous future problems...

  • Instruments in a marching band

    By Iranga Navaratna

    Instruments in a marching band should be small and easy to manipulate while marching. Usually, these are carried or worn using a belt. The composition of these makes a unique, balanced and beautiful sound. The musical instruments in a band can be broadly categorized into three main types. These are...

  • Left and Right

    By Kasun Amarasinghe

    Today the terms “left” and “right” are used as symbolic labels for many things. It can be a direction, or as a grouping term, etc. Even In our country we frequently hear about left and right for decades in political discussions. Has anyone thought about what do they mean? Where...

  • Quick dive into Nginx

    By Chalith Desaman

    Have you heard of NGINX? or have you used it? Simply it's a web server, reverse proxy and more... Without spoiling let's touch the basics of NGINX.

  • iUpgradable

    By Sandun Perera

    Competitive software development have various challenges on keeping up with new business needs and technological demands. As software developers we are following various practices to achieve those demands. One topic is easiness on migrating to latest technologies and make the software compatible on new environments. Let's see how to make...

  • The Enemy

    By Sajitha Dharmasiri

    And it took half of the space on the table, which by Gunasiri’s understanding, it did not deserve. When he saw the pens and the paper bundle, which he use to copy letters had been moved under the table, he breathed angrily. One can’t say Gunasiri hated this new thing...

  • BrowserStack – Your Testing Pal for Mobile App Testing

    By Dinithi Weerabahu

    Are you tired of playing with Android Emulators for Mobile Testing? Do you often find that your emulators are stuck or it takes ages to load a single page? Yes.. we all have been there. Well.. you don’t have to do that anymore! Here comes the era of BrowserStack. A...

  • The Next Dimension

    By Hethu Nanayakkara

    We live in a three-dimensional world, and we perceive our world in 3D. It is our brains that construct our world to be seen in 3D. In mathematics, we know that a 2D plane has two perpendicular directions x, y in a cartesian coordinate system. In the third dimension, the...

  • Four awesome days in KL

    By Sithara Kalpani

    Having some beautiful and unforgettable memories to spend the lockdown period fills oneself with a bit of satisfaction. Just before the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic I got the opportunity to visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with one of my friends. Here are few of the highlights of our wonderful journey.