• DAOs - The innovative interpretation for future organizations

    By Kithmini Gunawardhana

    DAO - "Decentralized Autonomous Organization". What is a DAO? Why do we need DAOs? How does a DAO work? What are the challenges with DAOs? Yes, you might have a lot of questions. I invite you to come and spend a few minutes going through this blog post. I believe...

  • Music for your Mental Health

    By Achala Bandara

    Music has great power. In addition to being entertaining, listening to music is recognized to offer amazing benefits for our brains. Specifically, music has the power to alter our behavior, emotions, and thoughts. Then, how does this affect our mental health?

  • Generative AI

    By Dulana Peiris

    Today, Artificial Intelligence models are capable of using existing textual, visual, audio and audiovisual data to fabricate new content. Such AI models are called Generative AI. These models can be used for various real-world applications.

  • Values and Practices that follow in the Extreme Programming

    By Dileepa Karunathilake

    Extreme Programming is an agile software development framework that produces higher quality software in a short time while keeping the welfare of the development team. To achieve productivity, extreme programming follows certain values and practices that can be also used in any other development process.

  • Next.js - Future of React

    By Kasun Kavinda

    Next.js has become one of the most well-known React frameworks out there. Combined with its simplicity of setup and the out-of-the-box features make you wonder why you have been building React apps any other way.

  • Employee Absenteeism and the way it affects the workplace

    By Gayathri Gimhani

    Absenteeism is the regular absence from an obligation without reason. In the workplace, absenteeism refers to habitual unexcused or unannounced absences by employees. High employee absenteeism is a sign that a work environment needs changes. It should draw an employer’s attention to the quality of management and work conditions within...

  • What is an Ontology?

    By Saumye Navarathna

    If the semantic web is going to play huge in the future, Ontologies will also play huge alongside the web. The world of data is becoming the world of knowledge very fast, that is where we want semantics and ontologies.

  • Static Site Generator for Angular

    By Moreen Hettihewa

    Nowadays, static site generators are becoming very common due to the nature of generating a static site. It can run the entire website without server-side code making the website faster and more performant.

  • Machine Learning as a Service

    By Amith Dissanayaka

    In the fast moving world of software engineering, users expect powerful features embedded with applications. When addressing those expectations Machine Learning comes in. Let's look at how we can integrate ML into our applications with ML as a service.

  • React State Management with Recoil

    By Chamika Goonetilaka

    Over the years, the massive growth of React.JS has given birth to different state management libraries, amongst other things. The state management libraries available in React at our disposal at the time of this article are enormous. Some developers tackle the challenge using React Hooks, while others combine them with...

  • Zero to hero

    By Ravidu Lashan

    Programming field is a vastly developing field. A new thing which you learned might be outdated with in few weeks. There is always competition among the programmers and you need to excel among others to land on your dream job and to become sustainable with in this field. There are...

  • What is web 3.0?

    By Tharindu Lakshan

    Web 3.0 is seen as the next evolution of the internet. It aims to change our current web and make it more decentralized, open, and trustless.

  • Usability Heuristics

    By Eashan Rajapakshe

    Usability is primarily concerned with the product's functionality, but it also relates to the extent to which products are effective, simple to use, simple to learn, efficient, with fewer mistakes, and pleasant to consumers. Let's learn more about how to use Usability Heuristics to increase usability in a certain software...

  • The Rivalry of two Gentlemen who are worth half a trillion dollars

    By Ahshaf Nisthar

    Space Expeditions and Space Colonization have always won a special place in the heart of everyone towards the end of the previous century. Currently, the Rivalry of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos through SpaceX and BlueOrigin has touched incredible heights and is moving towards unimaginable heights.

  • Image Smoothing Algorithms

    By Heshan Kavinda

    Digital images contain various noises due to heat, electricity, and the amount of senso illumination level that can reduce the quality of images. But there are several simple to advance approaches to reduce these types of noises and enhance the quality of images. Some of them are Mode filter, Mean...