• New Features in .NET7.

    By Sachintha Gunathilaka

    Microsoft's .NET platform is a powerful and versatile tool for building a wide range of applications. With each new release, .NET continues to evolve and add new features and improvements that make it even better. The latest release, .NET 7, brings several new features and improvements that developers should be...

  • Why is it important to study GANs?

    By Chamodi Jayathilaka

    The world has grown intrigued about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning since the widespread release of ChatGPT. ChatGPT extends the GANs concept to text-based communication. It converses with humans in a natural manner by using GANs to produce responses to input text. This blog will explain why it is important...

  • Securing APIs and Microservices in the Cloud

    By Sachini Karunarathne

    The data center edge, the hardware and software stack that links web applications to the Internet and the point at which a customer first interacts with an organization's business services, has evolved as a result of the growth of web applications. Simple hardware load balancers have given way to a...

  • Staying Fit and Healthy while doing a desk job

    By Harsha De Silva

    As we step into the new year, we all have a set of goals for 2023. I am sure that at least a half of us have “Stay healthy and fit” or “get into better shape” as a part of our new year’s resolution. But let’s face it, being a...

  • Using ASP.NET Core SignalR with Vue to Implement Web Notifications.

    By Malinda Wimalasena

    This article is mainly about implementing a simple web notification system in a Vue application using basic functionalities provided by *SignalR*. Here, we will explore how we can configure *SignalR* in a .NET Core application and how to integrate *SignalR* client in a Vue application. You can have a better...

  • How to maintain Good mental Health as an IT Professional.

    By CD Team

    It is no secret that maintaining good mental health is one of the key factors for a happy life. Let’s discuss how we can maintain good health while working as productive IT professionals. We all know that IT is an industry based on thinking and concentration. Therefore, sometimes these intense...

  • Richardson Maturity Model

    By Sanidu Lakmal

    Richardson Maturity Model is developed by Leonard Richardson, that breaks down the principal elements of a REST approach into three steps. These introduce resources, http verbs, and hypermedia controls.

  • Managing Project Dependencies with Git

    By Udith Indrakantha

    Surely, everyone who is reading this now knows Git and GitHub. Git is integrated into every developer’s daily routine. Even if it is so, nowadays we rarely use git commands manually. We have extensions and tools with nice UI to deal with Git. With these tools, most of the time,...

  • Introduction to Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics

    By Dilina Hirantha

    Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics can be used to implement asynchronous communication and improve durability. A queue is often used for point-to-point communication, whereas a topic is useful in multi-receiver scenarios

  • React State Management with Redux Toolkit

    By Akhila Abesinghe

    ReactJS is one of the most popular solutions when it comes to building web applications. ReactJS needs some third-party libraries to help managing the state of the application. This is where Redux comes in. Redux is one of the most popular state management library that can be used with ReactJS....

  • Google Tag Manager

    By Tharindu Subashith

    Web applications consist of tags to collect user behaviour data, remarketing data, eCommerce data, etc. Google Tag Manager helps to manage all those tags easily without affecting the performance of the web applications.

  • Beginners guide on flying a professional drone

    By Harin Samaranayake

    Are you scared of drones? This blog is specially designed for beginners with a passion to become professional drone operators. Join me on this quest and I guarantee that you will be zero to hero in drone flying.

  • Are you a coffeeholic?

    By Shamini Mendis

    People say money can’t buy happiness. They Lie. Money buys Coffee, Coffee makes Me Happy! ~ unknown. If you are a coffeeholic you would agree with the above quote. This blog is for the coffee lovers who out there to expound regards to some of the known and unknown facts...

  • Virtualization Technologies

    By Madushi Sarathchandra

    Virtualization is a fundamental technological innovation that helps you to deploy creative solutions by mitigating the different business challenges. If you are a person who willing to learn about emerging technologies, take a few minutes to go through this blog post. This will surely help you to get some insight...

  • How to Train Your Own Haar-Cascade with Cascade Trainer GUI Without a Problem

    By Kasun Wickramasinghe

    If you want to build your own simple object detection classifier without trouble, go through the blog post where it explains about a simple GUI for train a Haar-Cascade classifier and how to mitigate errors you will face when you do so.