The Power of Positivity

By Supipi Geeganage.

The environment of the workplace can be turned to a different stage with the engagement of positive thinking among the employees. A simple shift in attitude can make a world of difference in how employees interact with each other, the environment and impact on the organization’s success. Within this article let’s explore how positive thinking can lead to powerful changes at work and how can it change attitudes and mindsets to be more positive.

Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking makes a variety of improvements across an organization.

  • Help to boost morale
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve employee communication
  • Increase productivity

However, creating a positive and comfortable working environment that elevates morale and quality of work is no easy task.

Considering the benefits of positive thinking, it depicts how it is hard to maintain a positive mindset in a challenging or stressful environment. Identifying and addressing these obstacles can improve your ability to remain optimistic and in good spirits.

There are 3 main challenges to overcome when setting a positive mindset.

  1. Overcoming Negative Bias: Our brains often focus on negative experiences and bad news, leading to negative thinking. To combat this, seek positive experiences and good news, practice daily gratitude, and minimize negative news. Focus on one good thing today and find appreciative aspects throughout the day to stay positive.

  2. Reducing Stress: Stress can lead to negative thinking patterns, overwhelm, and hopelessness. To reduce stress, prioritize self-care, including sleep, eating well, exercising, minimizing alcohol and medication use, delegating tasks, and seeking help when needed.

  3. Separating yourself from negative coworkers: Surround yourself with positive, supportive colleagues who are solution-oriented and goal-oriented to boost your mood and mindset.

Implementing Positive Thinking in Your Workplace

There are 5 simple actions that can be taken immediately for the growth of productive, positive, and efficient workplace.

  1. Lead by example: Whether you’re a project leader or acting in a daily managerial role, positive thinking can be taught and led by example.

  2. Encourage and promote gratitude: Regularly encourage your team members and employees to express gratitude. Whether at a team meeting or in casual conversation, encourage those around you to share what they’re grateful for, and begin with expressing gratitude yourself.

  3. Cultivate a positive work environment: Create a workplace that promotes positive thinking and good energy. This starts with simple actions such as brightening the workspaces and stretches to more concrete efforts to be inclusive for all team members.

  4. Encourage and support team bonding: Positive thinking is contagious. Create activities, projects, and team-building activities where colleagues feel connected and supported.

  5. Celebrate successes and achievements: Recognizing and celebrating individual and team successes helps to create a sense of accomplishment and contribution.