Zero to hero

By Ravidu Lashan

Programming field is a vastly developing field. A new thing which you learned might be outdated within few weeks. There is always competition among the programmers and you need to excel among others to land on your dream job and to become sustainable within this field. There are few areas which you need to sharpen your skills to become a better programmer. Following is an approach which you can practice becoming a better programmer.

Set a goal

First you need to set a goal what you need to improve. Sit for a moment and think in what areas you are strong and in what areas you are weak. For example, you might be weak in algorithms while you excel in data structures. You might lack knowledge on cloud concepts while you excel in web concepts. Identify the areas which you need to develop. Set a goal in yourselves that you will excel in this area within this period. Setting a goal is important as it motivate us and focus our work under one aim.

Start from the basics

Basics is the key to success. If your goal is to learn web concepts start from the beginning learn about html, CSS, cookies, browsers etc. Learn how browsers render web pages, JavaScript fundamentals. If you need to improve on algorithms learn about algorithms. Learn about the complexities in executing them. This will be the building blocks to excel in the area you have selected. Knowing basics is a key, deciding on which way to follow among several approaches to perform the task efficiently. There are tons of online resources for beginners you can search through them and select the best one suits you.

Read and Watch

Reading makes a full man. Always try to read as much as possible. It is a good source to improve your knowledge. Read blog posts, web articles, watch you tube videos etc. You can make a schedule to read articles, or you can find your own free time to read articles. With blog posts you got to know different views of the different people on the same point. As an added advantage you can improve English as well. This helps us realize the different aspects of a topic. Watching you tube videos is also a good source to enrich your knowledge. With picturesque explanations it is easy to memorize and understand the concepts.


Only knowing facts won’t make you perfect. You always need to practice what you have learned. Engage in online programming problems. Solve problems in HacakerRank, project Euler etc. This will help to improve your problem-solving abilities and analytical skills as well. If you want to develop knowledge on a specific web framework try out it in your own environment. Almost all web frameworks come up with good documentation. You can follow them easily and get clear understanding about the framework. When things you try out work in the expected way there is self-satisfaction and self-motivation. When you feel you are successfully approaching to your goal, you feel more confident.


Learning is a never-ending process. Occasionally re-visit what you have learned and check whether technologies have evolved and are there any new things to be learn. You should always be up to date with the things you learnt because things can outdate very quickly.

As a summary you can follow the above procedure to excel in any area you want to improve. It’s you who is responsible for the improvement of yourself. Always keep in mind that this is a vastly changing field and you need to better day by day to sustain in this industry.