Welcome to Geveo Blog

By Nilmani

Welcome to Geveo blog. This is the place where we, the Geveo team will share our experiences with the hope that anyone whose going to read will gain a benefit out of it. Usually, a blog such as this one tend to be more technology focused given that we are a software company. Such blogs usually become a great tool for generating organic traffic to corporate websites. Which increases more inbound leads hence more business. In all honesty, we at Geveo wants the same. But where we are going to be different because we don’t want to make it 100% technical blog or a blog that delivers a pitch about our business, products or anything else. writing We will blog just about anything. Be it technical, be it about a life experience of one of us etc. As long as we believe it is going to help someone out there who is looking for a (technical) solution, and needs inspiration we will put it out for you to read. Now that our promise to anyone who is reading the blog. We want to make blogging one of our habits. Its not only a great way improve our writing skills but also makes us more visible outside the circle we are known the best (for example: our friends, team mates). At an individual basis this helps us to build a personal brand [1][2]. A good article on why we should blog can be found at [3]. And of course there are plenty of articles in web explain why we should build our personal brand and how blogging helps doing it.

Finally, as readers if you find any of our articles helpful or have any suggestion on it, please feel free to leave a comment!