Trip to Bali

By Chandula Bulathsinhala

Bali is a small island in Indonesia. It is all about beaches, beautiful paddies, beautiful people, good food and most importantly so much fun…  So let us get to the point. Oh yea please excuse the quality of the photographs. I do not own a camera; as a result, these were all taken from my phone 🙂

First Impression the Airport

There were no direct flights to Bali from my part of the world (Sri Lanka) so I had to travel to Singapore and then to Bali. To my surprise (probably because of the lack of traveling experience I have had at that time), “Ngurah Rai International Airport” of Bali was a very busy airport. Things went very smooth for us at the airport. Although if you are a tourist who gets visa on arrival, you may want to rush to those counters as soon as you get off the flight as it gets pretty crowded each time a flight lands.


The first thing you want to do is get some Bali money (Indonesian rupiah). Brace yourselves for a bucket load of cash. 1 USD = 13619 IDR. So do not get confused. Keep calm and count the money before leaving the airport immediately. Naturally, people tend to get confused with such a lot of money. I am talking about millions and billions of IDRs here 🙂 there are some notes, which look the same. Be mindful of that when you pay. You will find that naturally all items for sale are in millions IDR.

We spent 5 days in Bali. I had arranged the places to visit to with a tour guide called *Gusti Bali *(who was excellent BTW). He was our driver/guide for our stay. This arrangement was very easy for us (especially when switching hotels Gusti was very trustworthy). It is as if we had our own vehicle in Bali. Here goes a few highlights from my trip, which I think every single one of you visiting Bail should experience.

Water Sports

Get your swimsuits and sun block ready. You can find many water sport providers alongside of the beach in the north of Nusa Dua. Rates are the same. Includes various water sports, which would be so much fun if you were traveling with a bunch of people. We tried the banana boat, flying fish and the sea walker. Cost us (there were only two of us) 300USD total. If I had to do it, again I would have dropped the flying fish and gone for parasailing instead. Sea walker is ideal for fish lovers as you get to feed beautiful fish deep down. If you are afraid of fish DO NOT GO. In addition, the water sports people will ask you if you need photos taken, for which they will charge extra. Our photos were not that great in quality so I recommend not spending extra money on that.

Water blow Beach

OMG. This place is so much fun It is a must. If the tide is high, man will you be in for a party! This is located in a posh area with fancy hotels and shopping malls. You will see many tourists in beachwear as you will get soaked if you go close. The first day we visited this place we were not aware of what fun it was. So all we did was look from far. It looked so much fun that we booked a hotel close by just to get soaked. The person getting soaked in the video is me 🙂 Yea the waves are that big: O: O You MUST go here.

Jimbaran Sea Food Dinner

If you are a seafood lover this is necessary do for you. The seafood cafes are located on the sand in three main groups between Kedonganan in the north, just south of the fish market, to Jalan Bukit Permai in the South. The accepted method of ordering food at Jimbaran is to check out the fresh fish at the front of cafe, choosing the items you want and asking the price. If the restaurant is crowded, you may have to wait a couple of minutes to get a table (which is totally worth it). I personally am not a seafood fan, but this was very tasty. Our table was facing the beach and had a view of the runway of the airport, which was very relaxing.

Mount Batur Volcano, Kintamani

Climate is cold here around 15 degrees. We stayed in a cozy beautiful hotel named LakeView Eco lodge. The volcano is located along with a lake, which makes it a breath taking sight. There is a hike to the top of the volcano, which we were unable to do due to jetlag. It is in my bucket list for sure. Do not miss the sunrise, which is just beautiful.

Oka AgroTourism – Cofee Luwak

Bali is famous for coffee luwak (poop coffee: P). this farm was a completely new experience and once again the scenery was just beautiful to sip a hot cup of coffee/tea. A cup of luwak coffee was priced at five USD. They give you to sample different types of tea as well.

Lunch at Labhagga Restaurant Pacung

This restaurant offered a memorizing view to dine. Located in a beautiful village. The food was very tasty. Balinese are also very famous for their duck.

Tanah Lot Temple

Another beautiful temple located on a rocky island. A pretty amazing view of the sunset too. There is actually an audience to watch the sunset. I suggested you go early and reserve your place, which is free of course, 🙂 🙂

Padang Padang Beach

If you are into surfing this is the beach for you. Getting to the beach itself is an interesting mini hike. If you were not a surfer, visiting this place would be a waste of time.

Honorable Mentions

Melia Bali, Nusa Dua

Gotta say this hotel was lovely and so worth the price. Walking distance to Bali Collection, Water blow beach. You will find everything in Bali Collection.

Harris Hotel Jimbaran

This was a budget hotel and we did not expect much. However, gotta say the hotel was very impressive. The rooms were clean and comfortable. There are plenty of restaurants and shops around. At the time I visited, the hotel was new though.

Get cornrows

Ladies if you want to get cornrows this is the place to do so. You can find many stalls, which do cornrows for a cheap price in Bali Collection. It takes around an hour or two for long hair.

Pork Ribs at iiga warung

If you love pork, you should try out their ribs. Apparently, it is very delicious. Sorry that is all I can give, as I do not eat pork. I’m sure it is very tasty because the restaurant was always full and our guide swore by it 🙂

Bali Tree top Adventure

This seems so much fun. Unfortunately, we were not aware of it so I was not dressed for the occasion (Another for my bucket list 🙂 😉

Overall, it was a fun filled couple of days at Bali. Once again apologies for the quality of the photos. These were my favorites I am sure you have yours. Please do share them with me. I would love to hear them 🙂‚ 🙂