The Rivalry of two Gentlemen who are worth half a trillion dollars

By Ahshaf Nisthar

The 21st Century has taken an acceleration in every aspect more than ever in the history of humanity. Within a couple of decades, it has shaken the whole universe with the capabilities of mankind. Whatever mankind has achieved, has come from great dedication and effort, where everyone has a part in it some way. Some individuals have done elite things towards this whereas some still continue in doing them now. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have always been mentioned together as such individuals with the names of people like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, etc… in this century. Space Expeditions and Space Colonization have always won a special place in the heart of such individuals towards the end of the previous century. Currently, the Rivalry of Musk and Bezos through SpaceX and BlueOrigin has touched incredible heights and is moving towards unimaginable heights.

Elon who is a genius entrepreneur from South Africa started his journey with, and now owns the world’s most valuable Motor vehicle producer Tesla, which is worth over 1000 billion which he might be using to fund SpaceX. He founded SpaceX back in 2002. On the other hand, Jeff Bezos is also an entrepreneur but succeeded with his e-commerce platform Amazon which is also worth more than 1000 billion dollars along with its other technological business as well. Bezos founded BlueOrigin back in 2000.

For the past seven years, SpaceX is far ahead in this rivalry with its Orbital Falcon 9 rockets by successfully landing more than 25 boosters over 100 times on various projects such as Test Flights, Commercial payload missions, Starlink Satellite projects and recently by sending and retrieving NASA’s astronauts to the International Space Station. It also recently succeeded in landing the Starship back to earth which Musk will use to travel space and other planets in the future. On the other hand, BlueOrgins’s Semi-Orbital New Shepard is their most successful launch vehicle which differs a lot from Musk’s Falcon 9 has landed successfully back on the earth more than 20 times as well. But it is not a vehicle to travel in space as it can only reach the lower orbit. Recently, they carried some Commercial Payloads to lower orbit and it carried Bezos and some others to the edge of space as well. They are hoping to carry tourist passengers to the edge of space in a 10-minute flight in the near future. They are also developing a vehicle to travel in space, on which they haven’t released much information.

Currently, one of the primary motives for Musk is to colonize Mars where Bezos is looking to preserve the earth by creating floating cities in space. The fact that SpaceX has managed to do successful projects with NASA is already slowing down BlueOrigin. They also recently lost over a Lunar Project of NASA, which always has been in their dreams. Previously SpaceX was able to get a launchpad in lease terms from NASA which also affected Blue Origin. There have been multiple such cases where NASA has chosen SpaceX over BlueOrigin which is a simple selection in many ways. But, BlueOrigin has filed many cases against NASA and SpaceX over NASA favoring SpaceX. However, Bezos and BlueOrigin are considering themselves as the tortoise in the race with hare.

In the current context, I guess that there is an underrated battle between these two giants which is the Lower orbital satellites which can provide internet facilities. SpaceX has already succeeded in this by placing over 1800 Starlink satellites in the lower orbit. They also have planned to reach the 40000 mark in the next few decades. Sadly, for BlueOrigin, it is still in their future plans. Also, Musk frequently hits on Bezos, on social media platforms for being behind.

However, the Rivalry of these two gentlemen in this century has brought so much to mankind and we hope to see more results in the near future. I also hope that the Tortoise Blue Origin will Catch up with the Hare SpaceX very soon which will surely help in the advancement of both these space companies.