Let’s Meal Prep

By Sanduni Perera

Do you know about meal prep?

Meal Prepping is a simple and easy way to schedule your meal ahead of time and portioning them out to have later on. This is a very popular method among people who spend a busy life because it saves your time. Just think about the time you can save from each day by not think about the recipes, buy food items, wash containers, cook foods and clean a messy kitchen.

How to start meal prepping?

Pick your meal prep method

There’s no specific right way to meal prepping. You can pack food on meal basis, pack one food item in one container basis or even you can pack ingredients to cook like chopped onions and vegetables. Meal prep method can be varied according to your schedules, meal preferences, cooking style and individual needs.

Set a plan

Plan which meal you are going to prep? Meal prep for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Plan what are you going to prep? For the menu, select most favorite foods you like to eat because when you are meal prep for five days, you will be fed up with having same meal 2 or 3 days. Schedule your prep time is also an important thing. Create a grocery list with items what you need to buy and shop once then you can save your money.

Pick a meal prep time

Pick a prep day according to your schedules and plans. Spend the time while meal prep. Listen to music or share work with a partner will be add more fun to your meal prep time. A well-organized workflow will save your time in the kitchen. Start with recipe which takes the longest cooking time.

Store your meals

When packing foods, it’s essential to select good quality containers. Your containers should be microwavable, freezer safe and leak proof containers. Don’t pack foods to containers just after finish cooking. Keep Foods to be cooler than the room temperature and don’t add too much broth to the containers. Determine about the temperature level to store and reheat. Add labels for the containers mentioning contents and date. Keep the foods front of the freezer which you want to consume first.

Meal Prepping can make your busy life easier in various ways. Here are some reasons why you should pay attention to meal prepping.

Save your time

No need to waste time of figure out what to cook. If you feel hungry, you can have the prepped meal. No need to find a food source. So, it’s like a hunger manager. By that you can avoid the habits of consuming fast foods.

Save your money

If you plan your prep list well-organized, you can reduce your monthly expenses for foods. Because you can buy your groceries in bulks. It can be a benefit for your pocket. And if you go to buy groceries without a list, you buy lots of things which you don’t want to actually consume.

Eliminating waste

Think when you cook daily, how much food you waste. If you follow a meal prep routine, you know about your portions and you can prep your meal according to your health plan.

Reduce your stress level

Figuring out what to prepare for lunch or dinner, for some people feel very stressed and struggling because of their busy routines and schedules. If you meal prep for a busy week, you won’t face that battle every day.

Help to spend a healthy life

By meal prepping you can choose your portion size and you will avoid consuming unhealthy food. Because you don’t need to spend much time and money for buying foods. Without following a diet plan, you can control your own prepared meal with your preferences.

So, meal prep is a great help for the people who don’t want to spend more time in the kitchen. It will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and discourage to have fast food options. Anybody can follow a meal prep week and get the experience. It’s better to try to have a meal prep routine rather than skip your meals with busy time schedules.