Internship Highlights

By Chandima Imalika

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances…”

It’s only one day remaining to complete my six months of internship at Geveo. It’s really hard to say goodbye to my Geveo family as I have so much lovely memories with you all. As Shakespeare mentioned in his above poetry, I also was an infant when I first join with Geveo who had no experience on what was going in the industry. But now I hope I have grabbed so much new things to both my professional life and personal life during this fun filled six months. The credits should go to Geveo for who I am today. So let me unfold some pages of my internship story.

I first got to know about Geveo when I was assigned to coordinate the UCSC mock interview sessions with Geveo. I never thought that I would be this much lucky to be selected from the mock interview itself. My heartiest thanks and gratitude to Menaka and Dinesha for recruiting me as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer Intern at here. While my friends were complaining how the other company interview panels depressed them while interviewing, I felt how blessed I was to get pleasant feedback as that was our mock interview. That was the first moment I got that impression of how professional the Geveo people are.

The internship programme of Geveo is highly appreciable. They were always responsible on what they do and they always wanted to see we are getting the maximum out of our internship. In that case to boost up with the technologies used in Geveo, the Tech Boost sessions played a great role. I learned how to apply the theories we learned in university and the session conductors were always available for our clarifications.

During my stay, I saw that Geveo practices Scrum at its best. The Scrum training by Hethu was a really good session which we got a chance to clarify some doubts in real application of scrum rules. I could actively participate in Scrum ceremonies and there I could map the Scrum theories I learned in university. It was a great opportunity there to improve our communication skills and as both individuals and teams, we can identify our strengths and weaknesses and go ahead as an organized team. Special thanks for giving me the opportunity to experience the Scrum Master role.

Weekly Tech Talk is another event that I can’t leave without remembering. I’m really grateful to the Career Development team for their effort to uplift and sharpen the skills of Geveo employees. I hope I could grab the attention of Geveo to emphasize the value of accessibility testing in our products through my presentation. And the best thing is when you are sharing something to others and finally you also getting a priceless evaluation from the audience. That was a really good opportunity for me to improve my technical skills, research skills, presentation skills and so on.

As I saw, Geveo always tries to blend their people with each other no matter whatever their religion, cast or colour. Geveo Code-A-Thon is a fine example to prove that. The randomly selected teams get together, spent sleepless nights sharing their knowledge and as a team they reached the goal. Also between the teams they helped each other and it was really interesting to watch a sharing, caring competition. I could learn API testing with SoapUI and I hope I could contribute my best to my team.

During my six months of internship I worked first four months in Bonafide and rest in IPG. I was really lucky to work with such supportive teams and understanding team leads. They didn’t assigned me heavy work load at once. With my progress the work was increased and whenever I’m stuck with issues, the team was there to guide me.

Aligning with QA standards, I practiced to design test cases using Microsoft Test Manager and I followed to highlight the key words in test steps and order the test cases based on their priority. Also I was keen on keep my test cases up to date with changing requirements. During the Test Case Reviews I got the chance to see how the senior QA s have designed their test cases and I could identify what are the test scenarios I have missed and how to improve the test coverage through my test cases.

The developers also collaborated when I reported bugs and they were really humble to agree for the suggestions we made. When I’ve stuck with any technical issue they fixed it while explaining the cause and the fixing. Because of that, whenever I encountered a similar issue again, I could try the previous learned solutions again and recover without directly seeking the developer’s help. Likewise I learned so much new things with the collaboration of my team members.

As an overall, I was exposed to various technologies and tools like Microsoft Test Manager, Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, Zoho Bug Tracker, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, SoapUI, Postman, Test Automation, Zoom etc. Also it’s a pleasure to me that I could get a professional qualification during the internship; ISTQB CTFL. When I was preparing for it almost every QA helped me and also the experience gained in projects was really helpful in answering exam questions.

Likewise during past six months I experienced almost every basic aspects in Software Quality Assurance with the help of all Geveo members. Also I hope that I got the confidence that needed to go ahead with my future academic stuff and career path. So thank you Geveo Australasia for everything you gave me and I’m really proud for being a Geveo family member.