How to maintain Good mental Health as an IT Professional.

By CD Team

It is no secret that maintaining good mental health is one of the key factors for a happy life. Let’s discuss how we can maintain good health while working as productive IT professionals. We all know that IT is an industry based on thinking and concentration. Therefore, sometimes these intense cognitive activities can negatively affect our mental health if we maintain unhealthy practices. We hope to give you a brief idea about some simple practices we can follow in our day-to-day life and introduce some benefits given by the Geveo family for the physical and mental well-being of the employees.

Let’s see how we can take care of ourselves,

1. Handle Imposter syndrome

Even though we are unfamiliar with the name, I am sure most of us have felt this way at least once in our working life. Impostor syndrome is a psychological pattern that makes you think you are not qualified for a position you have credentials for. This is very common among IT professionals because of the changing nature of the field. The imposter syndrome often makes you feel like others are going to soon discover you are not as intelligent as they think you are, or you don’t deserve your achievements. The best way to deal with this is to engage in Stress releasing activities such as yoga, meditation, tai-chi, recreational sports, or exercise classes. And we should learn to appreciate our efforts and achievement. We can become lifelong learners by setting up daily schedules to learn something new every day about our field.

“It is very important to do the things we love and learn to love the things we do.”

2.Taking breaks

Working in the IT field requires intense concentration, patience, and knowledge. But it is very important to have breaks also, taking breaks can help us to have a fresh start. Because we are working while staring at the electrical screen, it is very important not to involve screen time in break time. At the sametime we can set hourly reminder to drink water, and take 5-10 mins break and start fresh.

3.Develop a hobby

The fundamental idea behind pursuing hobbies is taking a break from your job to do what you love. In other words, your hobby time is your guilt-free, do-whatever-makes-you-happy time of the day. You can use this time to read books, make music, play games, basically anything that makes you happy!

As employees of the Geveo company, we are eligible for these benefits. Geveo provides compensation for Gym memberships, and we have Cricket Practices every Friday and also Badminton Practices. Geveo has an ODoc subscription so the employees can channel any number of Doctors/Consultants through the app, and it is totally free for the entire Geveo staff including Interns. At the same time employees can join yoga and Pilates sessions conducted by ODoc in every week. So, we would like to encourage all of you to get the maximum from these benefits.