Health & Fitness for Busy People

By Dilini Weerasinghe

Every human being on the earth needs to be healthy as well as wealthy. So when they try to be wealthy, they forget about how to be healthy. In our daily rush we neglect important aspects, like our health and fitness. In modern life style, most of the people start their day with a huge to-do list related to carrier or may be household responsibilities. Some people does not have time for their workout plan while some has time for workout. However the proven benefits of exercises are endless. It decrease cardiovascular risk, manages stress, improves mood, delays dementia, eases chronic pain, improve self-confidence and on and on.

So why people cannot find some time for their work out? As I have experienced, the main problem or the barrier for regular exercises is that it can be difficult to figure out how to “make” exercise happen, or to find out some specific time to carryout exercises. Actually exercise doesn’t have to mean going for a run or to the gym. Any day today activity will be counts for this. Just we have to avoid sitting lengthy periods.

Keep your room and workplace comfortable. Because it’s the home away from home for you. If the place is not calm and comfortable your productivity will be narrow down, your mood will be not good. So some ergonomics, keep the top of your computer screen should be at eye level or a little below. As you scan down the screen. Position your keyboard so your forearms are parallel to the floor. And adjust your chair so your feet rest firmly on something–the floor, or a footrest if you’re short. Splurge on a chair that makes you want to put in the hours.

Having exercise can fit into the busiest workday. So how do we make this work? Just ask this questions from yourself “If you wants to go to another floor for some work, are you going to take the stairs or the lift?” Most of people will select the lift more than the stairs. But actually if you can use stairs your lazy body will get some kind of short exercise. Even though you can’t go around with busy schedule, you can exercise and improve your posture while performing other tasks. For example standing instead of sitting at your desk.  If you are busy with house work like cleaning house you can use upright vacuum cleaner instead of an automatic one, you will walk around the house and exercise without realizing it. If you listen to music through your house chores, you might find yourself dancing.

Sometimes with your busy schedule you will feel dehydrated because of lack of water. The daily recommended amount of water to drink is around the eight glasses, daily water intake for an adult male is 3.7 liters and for an adult female is 2.7 liters. But many of us don’t get anywhere near that amount of water. Actually sometime we feel hungry. This is as a result of low water consumption, it’s actually thirsty. Drink a glass or two of water before a meal, and when you do eat, the food will feel more filling. As well as drinking two full glass of water a half hour before eating caused moderate weight loss after 12 weeks. And if you practiced this in the morning after you wake up or before eating lunch and dinner, it will improve your overall health and will give you weight loss. It will also help to stay away from painful headaches.

When you’re at late night work in office your diet can be pizzas and takeaways. But make sure you’re getting the right nutrition, make sure you always have a good stock of foods that deliver the maximum health benefits to hand. Even there are numerous healthy fast food options if you know what to look for and agree to trade the loaf, sauces, and fries in favor of lettuce, fresh tomatoes and cucumber salads, mushrooms, etc.

If you think about exercise and healthy lifestyle in this way, yes we will be too busy but we will be healthy. Just we all need to keep moving.